Data Use Policy 

This Data Use Policy (“Policy”) establishes the terms by which your data (defined below) is shared with others when using the Agronomax’s website and associated applications, products, and services. 

Our Guiding Principles 

Agronomax is committed to protecting the privacy and security of our customers’ data. Our Policy for data is built for the Farmer. 

The Data Agronomax Collects 

The Agronmax platform is designed to collect and help you analyze different types of data generated on your farm: 

Land Data. This may include soil and fertility data, topographical, elevation, watershed, and drainage data, geospatial information, and tillage and conservation data. 

Agronomic Data. This may include crop and field information, such as planting data, seed type, yield, disease and pest management application, fertilization, and prescriptions. 

Farm Management Data. This may include information related to financial, tax, employment, commodity price, regulatory compliance, supply chain, and other management data. 

Machine Data. This may include telematics information, machine health, fuel consumption, load, and data generated by livestock equipment. 

Other Farm Data. Agronomax functionality may be enhanced to allow further categories of information for farm management practices relevant to your farm. 

Collectively, these data sources are considered “Data” in this Policy. Each category is meant to be a general guide and is subject to change. 

Your Ownership of Data 

You are the owner of your Data. Agronomax believes that ownership should give you the right to share, download, and delete your Data. You agree that you are the owner or have obtained the permission from the owner of any Data you transfer, share, or upload to Agronomax, including any Data you authorize to be transferred from a third party. If you believe any Data uploaded may have multiple owners, you have a duty to obtain each owner’s permission prior to transferring, sharing, or uploading to Agronomax. If you allow a person, third party or service to upload your Data on your behalf, you agree that such person or service has permission to do so. You release Agronomax from any claims that  someone else owns the Data uploaded to your account. You agree that you will not intentionally upload false or misleading Data for any illegal purpose. 

Data Sharing with Agronomax

By using Agronomax, you give your consent to Agronomax to anonymize and combine your  Data with Data from other Agronmax users, creating an aggregated dataset (“Aggregated Data”). Aggregated Data is anonymized by removing your personal information, such as name, address, and phone number, and combined with other data so that other users cannot link Aggregated Data to you. You have no ownership rights to Aggregated Data. Aggregated Data can be used by Agronomax for any lawful purpose. 

Agronomax’s default settings include Aggregated Data sharing on plans or products that are part of the Agronomax platform. 

Data Sharing with Others

Agronomax is designed to allow integration of Data sharing with other persons and technology providers. Agronomax will not share your Data with any person or company unless you provide your consent. Agronomax will not sell your Data to any third party. Agronomax has no intention of selling to another company, but in such event, you will be provided notice by email and allowed to delete or remove your Data prior to the sale. All companies that provide services to Agronomax and as a result have access to your Data must also abide by this Policy. 

You may choose to share your individual data with specified people, and Agronomax may make available functionality for you to grant those people access to your data. For each category of person, if functionality exists, you may elect to share all of your data or specific categories. You may stop sharing your data with any person at any time by revoking their permission. Agronomax will not share your data with anyone without your consent. Persons you may share your data with include: 

Trusted Advisors. You have the option of granting certain “Trusted Advisors” access to view, edit, upload and download your Data. Trusted Advisors may include agronomists, crop consultants, seed dealer representatives, landowners, accountants and others involved with your farming operation as designated by you. Trusted Advisors must obtain a user ID, login, and must also agree to be bound by this Policy, and Agronomax’s Terms and Conditions

Technology Providers. Agronomax may integrate with other technology providers, providing you the ability to share your data through links established between Agronomax and these third parties. Agronomax is continually working to provide users with options to transfer and share data among different companies and data platforms. When your data is transferred or shared with a third party, your use is subject to that third party’s policies and contract terms. Likewise, Agronomax may allow you to upload data directly from third party technology providers. Agronomax will not share your data with other technology providers or third parties without first obtaining your consent. 

Viewing Aggregated Data If you are a user of Agronomax and consent to aggregate your data, you will have the ability to view certain Aggregated Data fields, as determined by Agronomax, to compare your farm’s performance with other farms. When viewing Aggregated Data, you will not have access to other users’ Personal Information or geospatial reference data, making such Aggregated Data anonymous. In order to further protect the anonymity of Aggregated Data, data will be only be presented in a way that no individual or operation is identifiable by geographic area or other identifiable characteristic. 

Your Ability to Delete Data You may delete your data at any time. Deleting previously uploaded data will not cause previously Aggregated Data to be deleted, but future aggregation will not include your deleted data. You may delete your data after termination or non-renewal of your Agronomax account according to the Terms of Use. 

Your Data at Termination If you are a subscriber to Agronomax, upon termination your account your data shall be returned to you in a manner determined by Agronomax. Agronomax has no obligation to retain your Data following termination of your account. 

How Agronomax Stores Your Data Data is stored on servers located in Canada rented by Agronomax from reliable service providers. Agronomax takes reasonable and customary security measures to protect the privacy and security of your data. In the event of a data breach, natural disaster, or other unforeseen event that causes your data to be deleted or compromised, Agronomax will notify you by email or as required by law. 

Limitations on Agronomax’s Liability 

Agronomax is not liable for any damages that result from the disclosure of your data to any person or company provided such disclosures are made according to this Policy. Further, Agronomax is not responsible for a loss or unauthorized disclosure of your data due to (i) an Act of God, (ii) catastrophic event, or (iii) a data breach to the extent not caused by Agronomax’s breach of this Data Use Policy. Agronomax makes no warranties that use will increase yield, productivity, efficiency, or profitability of your farm. Agronomax cannot guarantee the accuracy of Aggregated Data and you should not rely on the same when making decisions on your farm. 

Questions about this Policy should be directed to 

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