Provides reliable data-driven, up to date, local weather information and forecasts through the use of an AgronoMax weather stations nearest to you.

Smart Farm Management Solutions

Check AgronoMax Local from Anywhere

AgronoMax Local offers a localized set of climate sensors, detailed weather forecast service, disease modelling (one crop) & annual work planning tools – all easily accessible through the AgronoMax Climate app or website.

Stay Informed with the AgronoMax Climate Website and App Dashboard


  • Precipitation

  • Temperature

  • Relative humidity

  • Ultrasonic wind speed

  • Ultrasonic wind direction

  • Soil moisture & temperature

  • Solar radiation

  • Leaf wetness

  • Crop disease modeling (single crop)


  • Remote monitoring of insect pressure saves time and optimizes the use of resources – producing more with less

  • Know the actual level and dates of pest emergence in your field

  • Enhance field scouting activities by knowing actual pest dynamics by date

  • Reduce yield and grade loss by timely management decisions – at a field level


  • AgronoMax Climate dashboard (website and app)

  • Professional site specific forecasting

  • Weekly in-season newsletter

  • Alerts

  • Work planning tool package (e.g. Forecasted Spray Index)

  • Online user training

  • Data sharing options

  • Data exportation to other management systems

Enjoy the Easy to use Interface

Professional installation required.* | HARDWARE GUARANTEE!** Ask us for details. | *Additional installation service fees may apply. | **Guarantee restrictions may apply; basic maintenance, including clearing debris, is the responsibility of the subscriber. | + See your AgronoMax customer agreement for details. | Cellular Network Required

Choose an AgronoMax Climate Product that Fits Your Farming Needs

AgronoMax PRO is a reliable solution for all crops, providing sophisticated field monitoring and forecasting.

AgronoMax CropView offers remote field, crop and fruit monitoring with a panoramic and zoom camera.

AgronoMax BugScout offers insect monitoring (pheromone, fruit fly, bug or colour trap) and allows for remote and monitoring of insects pressures.

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