METOS Canada announces a strategic partnership with AgronoMax Farm Management Solutions

WINNIPEG, MB – December 16, 2020METOS® Canada is pleased to announce a strategic partnership between METOS® Canada Limited Partnership, AgronoMax Farm Management Solutions and AgraCity Crop & Nutrition as sales and marketing partner for AgronoMax.

The partnership will provide agricultural weather sensors, software and related services to Canadian farmers. By joining forces, these leading-edge innovative products and services will reach the market faster and provide farmers the data they need to make the big decisions on their farm.

“Partnering with AgronoMax Farm Management Solutions is a significant partnership for METOS Canada as AgraCity has key relationships directly with farmers throughout Western Canada,” says Marty Cook, Vice President – Premium Services, METOS® Canada. “We look forward to building this relationship in the years to come to strengthen both brands.”

“Our partnership with METOS Canada represents an integral and foundational technology being launched and offered by AgronoMax over the next 12 months,” said Jason Mann, President, AgronoMax Farm Management Solutions.

METOS® Canada Limited Partnership is a digital ag solutions provider offering remote field monitoring, weather monitoring and forecasting, water management, disease modeling, insect monitoring and nutrition management data that helps western Canadian farmers lower their costs and increase yields.

AgronoMax Farm Management Solutions, in conjunction with AgraCity’s sales and marketing arm, is set to become a technology-based business intelligence platform for ‘Smart Farm Management’. AgronoMax will provide farmers with easy access to all the business intelligence information and tools they need to effectively and efficiently manage their farming operations.

Today, more than ever, technology and data are essential to increasing productivity. METOS® Canada and AgronoMax Farm Management Solutions will work together to offer the remote monitoring tools farmers need to have up-to-date information from their fields.


METOS® Canada Limited Partnership’s subscription-based packages and integrated hardware and software technology are suited for agronomists and farmers and are backed by our strategic partners through training and support resources.

METOS® Canada is a joint venture with Glacier FarmMedia and Pessl Instruments. Backed by a global network with over 35 years of experience in agricultural weather sensors, software, service and training, METOS® Canada supplies leading-edge products and innovative solutions for agronomists and farmers to help them successfully turn information into profit.

ABOUT AgraCity Crop & Nutrition / AgronoMax Farm Management Solutions

AgraCity is Canada’s leading agricultural solutions provider dedicated to providing the largest selection of vertically integrated high-quality, direct-to-farm crop inputs and leading-edge agronomy services. Our comprehensive product portfolio and innovative technology solutions overcome agronomic challenges by targeting farmer productivity and profitability to get the most out of every acre. For more information please visit or contact

AgronoMax is a digital Farm Management System encompassing all aspects of the farmer’s journey through the entire growing season. AgronoMax is integrating custom built applications with “best in class” third-party agricultural applications which will transform the data generated and automate routine farming activities. AgronoMax will provide farmers with easy access to all the business intelligence information and tools they need to effectively and efficiently manage their farming operations.

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